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EU Parliament: prosecute Russian and Belarusian regimes for war crimes. Alarm for social and economic consequences of the conflict

(Brussels) Today’s plenary session of the European Parliament in Brussels once again focused on various aspects of the war in Ukraine. Indeed, Parliament adopted a resolution on the fight against impunity for war crimes in Ukraine. In the text, MEPs call on the EU to “take all necessary action in international proceedings and courts to support the prosecution of the Russian and Belarussian regimes for war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and aggression”. Investigations and consequent prosecutions “should also apply to all Russian armed forces personnel and government officials involved in war crimes”. In another resolution on the social and economic consequences for the EU of the Russian war in Ukraine, MEPs say that Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine and the EU’s “justified sanctions against Russia and Belarus are affecting the post-pandemic economic recovery” in EU Member States. It is therefore “necessary to deal with these consequences, to help households and companies, and maintain citizens’ support for the actions taken against Russia and other actions to support Ukrainians” in their self-defence.

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