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EU Parliament: plenary meeting in Brussels starting on Monday. Vaccines, foreign policy, youth programmes on the agenda

The MEPs will be meeting in Brussels again, some there, some remotely, for the session of the European Parliament from 17th to 20th May next week. The agenda is full of items, starting with a debate (followed by a vote) on the Just Transition Fund, the 17.5 billion euros package to support the regions in their transition towards climate neutrality by 2050. The final vote of Parliament will also be given on the new Erasmus+, the EU programme for education, training, youth and sports for 2021-2027, the new programme of the European Solidarity Corps that supports young people’ volunteering efforts, and the “Creative Europe” programme that will be the EU’s biggest investment ever in cultural and creative industries. The EU strategy on violence between Israel and Palestine, the recent developments of the negotiations for Turkey’s accession to the EU and the situation in Montenegro are some of the foreign policy files that the European Parliament will be discussing. Other items on the agenda include environmental issues, especially the strengthening of the existing EU regulations on corporate environmental responsibility and the protection of environmental supporters from threats and abuse. Legal migration to reduce illegal entries and reviving European economy is another item on the agenda, along with the request to waive patents on Covid-19 vaccines.

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