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COVID-19 Coronavirus: Czech Republic, card. Duka invites young people to help defeat pandemic

(Bratislava) – It’s a clear fact that the new Covid-19 coronavirus has a disastrous impact mainly on seniors over 65, but Czech Cardinal Dominik Duka decided to write an open letter to young people and invite them to show solidarity and continue with self-education during the closure of schools. He explains that the successful resolution of the crisis is not only in the hands of governments, doctors, healthcare workers, policemen and soldiers, but also in the hands of youth. “The world has turned upside down not only for you, but also for your parents, grandparents and teachers. They face an immense pressure to do their best to take care of you. I want you to notice their efforts, to see what they do for you, and to realize that you can help as well”, reads the letter. Cardinal Duka invites young people to study at home, to obey their parents, dedicate their time to nice gestures and services for their neighbours, in short to show empathy. “I am sure that God loves us, that this trial has its reason. Perhaps we should find out that mobile phones, tablets and distant communication – everything that your parents don’t like and elderly people don’t understand – has a bright side and can help us move on. You can prove that artificial intelligence does not have to be a threat but something that might help us survive”, concludes the archbishop of Prague.

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