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EU-United Kingdom: Brexit, solutions agreed with Northern Ireland about public health, medicines and steel

The EU Council today adopted three regulations aimed at implementing the joint solutions agreed with the UK regarding public, animal and plant health issues, medicines and certain steel products. This has been announced by the EU Council in a notice. The new regulations “will make it easier to move agri-food retail products from Great Britain to Northern Ireland for end consumption there with minimal certification requirements and controls, once the agreed safeguards have been put in place”. Such safeguards include the “Not for EU” labelling which will be gradually enforced by July 1st 2025. “The movement of certain plants for planting, based on a special plant health label, will become easier, as will the movement of agricultural machinery. The ban on seed potatoes will be removed”. A “UK only” label will be introduced on pharmaceuticals too, which shall be available in Great Britain and in Northern Ireland at the same time. “Some steel categories” will be allowed to “move” from Great Britain to Northern Ireland based on EU tariffs. “The EU is delivering on its promise to swiftly implement the agreed joint solutions, which respond to the everyday needs of people and businesses in Northern Ireland, for which the EU has always had understanding”, Jessika Roswall, Swedish Minister for EU Affairs, stated on behalf of the current presidency of the EU.

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