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Migration: 91.6% of EU citizens live in their own country. Surge in asylum applications from Ukraine in March 2022

The majority of EU citizens (91.6%) live in the country of their citizenship. 3.1% of EU citizens live in another EU Member State and only 5.3% are non-EU citizens. This is according to the latest data gathered by Atlas on migration flows in the 27 EU Member States and 171 non-EU countries and territories, published by the European Commission’s Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography. A section of the Atlas is dedicated to displacements from Ukraine and shows the impact of Russia’s aggression on migratory movements to the EU. “Asylum applications from Ukraine increased from 2014, shot up sharply in March 2022, and then decreased quickly following the adoption of the EU Temporary Protection Directive”. The data shows that “already before the start of the war in February 2022, a large share of the EU residence permits were given to Ukrainian citizens each year (e.g. 30% out of all residence permits in 2021)”. The Atlas aims to support “evidence-based policymaking in the area of migration”, “explore the complexities of international migration, and challenge misinformation and disinformation with facts”. The tool gathers harmonised and validated data from official, international sources, including Eurostat, into a single database and presents it with interactive visualisations.

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