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EU Commission:150 billion disbursed so far to EU countries under recovery plan, 6 billion to Spain today

The European Commission has so far disbursed over €150 billion to Member States under the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) of NextGenerationEU. Today, €6 billion were paid by Brussels to Spain, the European Commission said in a statement. In just over two years, the Recovery Facility “has been driving transformative reforms and investments across the EU Member States, fast-forwarding the green and digital transitions and increasing the Union’s overall resilience”. The Commission has today launched an online, interactive map showing projects supported by the RRF and implemented on the ground by Member States. The map will help users to explore “over 100 reforms that the Member States have implemented or are implementing as part of their recovery and resilience plans, such as the introduction by Spain of a new tax on single-use plastic packaging, the simplification of the licensing procedures to install renewables in Greece or an anticorruption reform in Croatia”. The same applies to “more than 250 investments currently included in the map, such as the launch of the procurement procedure for the transport system in Riga (Latvia), the introduction of a flat-rate pass to facilitate sustainable public transport in Austria or the completion of the redevelopment works of neighbourhoods in Slovenia”.

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