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Drugs: EU Report 2022. Mr Goosdeel (EMCDDA), “drugs have never been so accessible, everyone can be affected”

Alexis Goosdeel (Foto Emcdda)

The European Drug Report 2022, released in Lisbon today, describes how Europe’s drug problems continue to evolve and how innovation is driving the drug market. “Drug availability remains at high levels across the EU (in some cases, such as cocaine, surpassing pre-pandemic levels) and potent and hazardous substances are still appearing”. The Report also highlights that cannabis products are becoming increasingly diverse and that the production of synthetic drugs is on the rise in Europe. “For drug use, there are also signs of a return to pre-pandemic levels”. Wastewater analysis, for example, “reveals increases in the use of cocaine, crack, amphetamine and methamphetamine in some cities between 2020 and 2021”. Alexis Goosdeel, Director of the EU Drugs Agency (EMCDDA), pointed out: “The take-home message from this report can be summarised in three words: Everywhere, Everything, Everyone. Established drugs have never been so accessible and potent new substances continue to emerge. Today, almost anything with psychoactive properties can be a drug, as the lines blur between licit and illicit substances. And everyone can be affected, whether directly or indirectly, as drug problems exacerbate most of the other important health and social challenges we face today”.

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