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Netherlands: Bishops’ Conference, a website to accompany the faithful throughout Lent

The Dutch Bishops’ Conference has launched a website to celebrate Lent at home and perhaps even Easter “because restrictive measures are likely to still be in place to contain the pandemic”. “Jesus is alive, He is truly risen – this is the Easter message. We want to celebrate it and live it these 40 days”, reads the website, which was launched on 17 February, Ash Wednesday. The website also provides links to all parishes to “see if and how you can participate in the celebrations during this period”. “If all the seats have already been booked”, then the links are provided for the live streaming from parishes or the TV programming. The website also includes a number of resources that can be downloaded, liturgical booklets, and materials and images available to communities and parishes. Also, video materials will be released during the Holy Week. The Bishops themselves will explain the meaning of particularly important moments and rituals of the Easter celebrations. In addition to the countdown, the website also hosts Pope Francis’ message for Lent and some indications for those wishing to make gestures of sharing.

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