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Eurostat: an adult with disabilities out of four “lives in families that struggle to make ends meet”. Remarkable differences among EU countries

In 2019, 26.1% of adult Europeans with disabilities (limited capabilities) lived in families that reportedly struggled to make ends meet (i.e. their financial resources did not cover the requisite usual expenses) versus 16.0% of the adult population without disabilities. This has been confirmed by Eurostat today, as it issued the results of a statistic survey. “Among the EU member states, about two thirds of people with disabilities ran into financial problems in Greece (76.5%) and Bulgaria (65.7%). A little less than half the population was in the same predicament in Croatia (49.2%), Cyprus (43.2%) and Romania (40,9%)”. A very bad situation in Latvia, Slovakia, Hungary, Portugal and Italy as well. At the other end of the spectrum, “less than 20% of people with disabilities struggled to make ends meet in Finland (9.9%), Germany (10.4%), Sweden (13.1%), Luxembourg (14.0%), Denmark (15.8 %), Austria (16.2%), the Netherlands (18.2%) and Estonia (19,6%)”.

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