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Czech Republic: Christian Christmas project bringing light into the darkness

(Bratislava) – Over 130 churches and places of worship have registered for this year’s edition of the project Christian Christmas with over 1,722 programmes aimed at all people of good will. The project has been running for several years, representing a unique way of promoting Christian values and evangelization. Not only is there a strong ecumenical dimension but the project itself is also a good example of how Churches and municipalities can effectively cooperate. “In the past two years, we have witnessed a different kind of Advent. The pandemic has brought a silence that perhaps we could not find within ourselves before. We are more afraid of what is yet to come. Every week the night becomes longer. But every week there is one more candle burning on our Advent wreath. Light versus darkness”, reflects Jan Grolich, governor of South Moravia. Bishop Vojtech Cikrle of Brno remembers in his message all those who have been challenged by the insecurities of modern times, wishing that “they may live this Christmas, and not only Christmas, in the certainty that God loves them, and with this certainty, that they may become His glory and His gift for others”. The programmes offered under the project include Holy Masses and liturgical services, Nativity scenes on display in all corners of the country, concerts and theatrical performances. Information is also provided regarding Church tourism, pilgrimages and the Night of Churches. For more information, please visit

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