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Covid and demographic winter: Mr Bassi (FAFCE) writes to PM Conte. “Next Generation EU, investing in human capital and intergenerational balance”

(Brussels) “We can all agree on one point: no future and sustainable development will be possible without investing in human capital, thus courageously facing the current demographic winter. This is also a principle shared by the Conclusions adopted on the 21st of July and in those adopted on 8th of June on demographic challenges”. This is according to FAFCE President Vincenzo Bassi, who addressed a letter to Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte today. “In addition, if it is true that no one wants an old and, ultimately, indebted Europe, then the fund called ‘Next Generation EU’ must be aimed both at managing the present emergency and at providing future generations with the tools to overcome the challenges that history will inevitably pose on us. The time has come to establish the need for a sustainable development program based on intergenerational balance, without which any economic plan is likely to be partial and therefore ineffective”. To do this, “we must have the courage to make new choices, also starting from the simple adaptation of the economic categories to the current fiscal practices which consider spending that favours the demographic policies as expenditure and not as investment. With such an adjustment, the use of European funds aimed at demographic policies and human capital formation could be considered as a real investment, essential to development”.

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