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Covid and demographic winter: Mr Bassi (FAFCE) writes to PM Conte. “Focusing, with hope and determination, on joyful and procreative responsibility for our communities”.

(Brussels) According to the letter sent by FAFCE to Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the decision to invest European funds in demographic policies and human capital formation, under Next Generation EU, “would have a great impact on the lives of families and on the future development of our communities, thus making the ‘Next Generation EU’ fund an effective instrument of economic and social regeneration, for your country and for the whole of Europe”. FAFCE president Vincenzo Bassi concludes: “In fact, it is only a question of having the courage to overcome an evident contradiction: why the construction of new infrastructures is rightly considered an essential investment in sustainable development, while the strengthening of our community networks via family policies should not be considered as an investment?”. “So, the European families gathered within FAFCE are simply asking you and your colleagues for the pragmatism of those who know that our Europe today needs future generations, more than ever before; and this means, concretely, demographic policies. This will allow us to be remembered as those who have faced the responsibility of the future, focusing, with hope and determination, on the joyful and procreative responsibility for our communities”.

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