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European Council: Michel (president), this agreement ”is a sign of trust”, showing that the EU “is a union of values”

“We made it. Europe is strong. Europe is united”. An extremely satisfied Charles Michel announced the agreement to the press. “The negotiations were difficult, in times that are very difficult for all Europeans”, but “the marathon has finished to the benefit of all the 27 member states and above all to the benefit of the people”. In Michel’s opinion, it is a “good agreement. It is strong. And, most importantly, it is the right one for Europe, now”. Not only that, it also marks a “crucial milestone in Europe’s journey and will project us into the future”. Actually, it is the first time in the history of Europe that “our budget will be clearly connected with our climate goals”, “the respect of the rule of law will be a decisive criterion for budgetary expenditures”, “our economies have been strengthened against a crisis”. In Michel’s opinion, it is the “magic of the European project” that creates “resilience through respect, cooperation, the will to join forces, to overcome problems together”. It is also a “sign” of trust “that we send to Europeans and to the rest of the world: that this European Union is a union of values”, that “it has the ability, when the situation calls for it, to respond strongly, firmly”.


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