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European Council: Von der Leyen (EU Commission), unprecedented deal combining “solidarity and responsibility”

“It was worth it. This deal is a sign that Europe is able to act”. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said this during the press conference at the end of 4 days of intense negotiations. Thanking Charles Michel for “his efforts and perseverance” and Angela Merkel for “having led the work remarkably”, Von der Leyen spoke of an “all-time record” in Europe’s history referring to the speed with which the Council developed and approved Next Generation EU: two months. “Unprecedented” is also Europe’s response which combines “solidarity and responsibility”. Solidarity, since the plan is supported by all 27 member states, and responsibility, for it paves the way for a “more modern and sustainable” Europe. The new budget is “an investment in Europe’s future”, for it accelerates the green and digital transition. The President of the Commission, however, laments that “there have been adjustments in several budget chapters (health, migration, external action, InvestEU) and that the solvency instrument has not been adopted. This decreases the innovative part of the budget, even if 50% of the budget and Next Generation EU will support modern policies”, she said. The next step is now to “work with the European Parliament to secure the agreement”.

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