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Ukraine: today, March 25, declared day of common prayer and fasting for defeating Covid-19 pandemic

(Bratislava) The All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations declared March 25 a Day of Common Prayer and Fasting for Ukraine. This act is associated with the recent introduction, among other measures, of an emergency regime in several regions of the country to prevent the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus. The representatives of Churches and religious associations point to the fact that the unity of people and their mutual assistance during dire life trials has been an important and effective tool for defeating epidemics, natural disasters and economic crises in the past, and is therefore a good source of inspiration in the strategy to tackle the current Covid-19 pandemic. Religious leaders emphasize the importance of realizing that “it is only with God´s help and wisdom that a person can overcome these difficult times with dignity, peace of heart and a sober mind”. The joint invitation to prayer and fasting is extended to all people of good will in good health, so that the authorities in charge act wisely and responsibly to help the needy, the sick and the elderly, and “develop a plan to support the self-employed and those quarantined families who have been left without means of support”.

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