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Sexual abuse: Europol, a campaign to arrest 18 fugitives. A sexual offence committed in Europe every two minutes

In the European Union, a sexual offence is reported to the police every two minutes: rape, sexual abuse or sexual assaults, especially on women and children. To “put the spotlight on the offenders”, today the European Police Office Europol announces a campaign in 19 European countries, including Italy, to ask for everyone’s help “in looking for some of the most dangerous sex offenders”. In particular, 18 suspected or sentenced fugitives, whose faces can be seen at, are wanted. The campaign expects the police to circulate such pictures online and on the social platforms of the involved countries in the next four weeks, so that information may be sent in an anonymous form through and may be shared with the national detectives. Europol has used this working method since 2016 and, with everyone’s support, at least 33 of the 91 offenders shown on the website have been arrested. So, “if you recognise one of the most wanted sex offenders in your country, you might help make Europe even safer”, not least because, as Europol adds, “when you have finished reading this article, most likely at least a violent sex offence will have been reported somewhere in the EU. Let’s not waste any more time!”.

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