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Alexei Navalny: his wife Yulia takes the baton. “I have no right to give up”. And she accuses Putin

“Three days ago, Vladimir Putin killed my husband, Alexei Navalny. Putin killed the father of my children. Putin took away the most precious thing I had”, Yulia Navalnaya said today in a video posted to the YouTube channel that bears her husband’s name. “I speak to you for the first time on this channel”, “there should have been another person in this place”, she said at the beginning of the video. By killing Alexei, “Putin has also taken Navalny from you”. “Not only did Putin kill the man, but he also wanted to kill our hope, our freedom, our future, to destroy and erase the best proof that Russia can be different, that we are strong, courageous, that we believe and fight”. “All these years, I have always been by Alexei’s side”, continued the wife of the murdered dissident, showing the images of their last meeting, in February 2022. “Today I want to be by your side, because I know that you have lost as much as I have”. Yulia Navalnaya said: “My husband was unbreakable” and that’s why Putin killed him “without ever looking him in the eye or even mentioning his name”. By killing Alexei, Putin “killed half of me, half of my heart and half of my soul”, but “I still have the other half” which tells me that “I have no right to give up”. I will continue Alexei Navalny’s work, fighting for our country”, finding strength “in his memory, in his ideas, in his thoughts, in his inexhaustible trust in us”. Then Yulia encouraged her husband’s supporters to join forces, to “not just share the grief and endless pain that has enveloped us, the anger”, but also to “fight against war, corruption, and injustice, to fight for free elections and freedom of expression, to fight to take back our country, Russia, the free, peaceful, beautiful Russia of the future, of which my husband was dreaming about. I want to live for that Russia”.

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