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Eurostat: how many hours do Europeans work per week? 41 hours in Greece, 33.2 in the Netherlands. With 37.4 hours, Italy’s in line with the EU’s average

(Brussels) How long do Europeans usually work per week? Such calculation was made by Eurostat in a survey that was issued today. “In the EU, in 2022, the usual working week for people aged 20 to was 37.5 hours on average”. “Remarkable differences” were found between the different EU member states (and between different industries). The longest working weeks have been reported for instance in Greece (41.0 hours), Poland (40.4), Romania and Bulgaria (both at 40.2). Conversely, the Netherlands have had the shortest working week (33.2 hours), followed by Germany (35.3) and Denmark (35.4). Italy’s figure is 37.4 hours a week, slightly less than the EU’s average. There is a finding that stands out: there is no mutual connection between the average working hours and the GDP of each EU member state.

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