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Poland: 20 thousand young people in Lisbon. In the run-up to the WYD, a gathering with the Bishops in the name of Carlo Acutis

“Follow the Lamb! Follow Him to the Holy Father”: with these words, spoken the afternoon of Saturday June 3rd, the primate of Poland, mgr. Wojciech Polak, encouraged the 20 thousand young people taking part in Lednica2000, the meeting held on the clearing along the banks of Lake Lednica, not far from Gniezno (Poland’s first capital), in the centre of the country, to join the forthcoming WYD Lisbon. As he greeted the people there, the primate insisted on the importance of the gift of salvation. In his sermon, mgr. Grzegorz Ryś spoke instead Of Christ’s “unconditional and free” love for man and recommended the young people there to “fall in love with God who is love”. The Lednica meeting, which has been held on the first Saturday of June every year since 1997, is usually the most popular meeting of young Polish Catholics and in the past it has been attended by dozens of thousands of young people. The highest number of participants was reached in 2004, when over 160 thousand boys and girls attended it. Last Saturday, after the solemn liturgy officiated by the president of the Polish Bishops, mgr. Stanisław Gądecki, the young people gathered on the clearing listened to the words that Pope Francis had addressed them at the end of the general audience on May 31st. In reply to the Pope, the young people prayed for the WYD to be a success and, at the end of the celebration, they symbolically reconfirmed their adhesion to Jesus as a guide in their lives. This year, the Blessed Carlo Acutis has been chosen as the patron of Lednica2000, and his parents wanted to give a special greeting to the young participants.

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