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Eurodiaconia: Helsinki, General Meeting in progress. “Horizons of hope. Building a Europe of trust and solidarity”

“Horizons of hope – building a Europe of trust, solidarity and diversity through diaconal work” is the theme of the Annual General Meeting of Eurodiaconia (a European network of 58 churches and Christian NGOs providing social and health care services and advocating social justice). The meeting, which started yesterday in Helsinki, will last until 29 April. It is hosted by Deaconess Foundation that has been providing social welfare and health services in Finland for over 155 years. The event is attended by over 100 people from all over Europe, representing the 58 members of Eurodiaconia in 32 countries. The theme of hope will inspire debates and workshops on “social justice and human rights, the fight against poverty, the integration of migrants, the role of diaconal organizations, and social innovation”. “Eurodiaconia’s Annual General Meeting is a chance for members to come together and celebrate the vital work they do in their communities and across Europe. By working collaboratively and sharing best practices, we can build a more trusting, inclusive, and diverse Europe, and work towards finding sustainable solutions to today’s social challenges”, said Eurodiaconia Secretary General Heather Roy. Olli Holmström, Chairman of Eurodiaconia and CEO of Deaconess Foundation, said: “Diaconal work brings hope to communities and people across Europe”. The “collective voice” of diaconal workers can “foster positive change and help address today’s social challenges”.

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