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United Kingdom: NGOs, MPs and lecturers against the new law on migration that deprives migrants of the right to asylum. “Contempt for human life”

Over sixty NGOs, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green MPs, and British University lecturers wrote to the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to ask him to withdraw the controversial new legislation on migration, which would deprive those arriving in the UK in small boats of the right to asylum. According to the new law which will be reviewed today by a Committee of the Westminster Parliament, those who illegally reach the island would also be expelled to Rwanda or to a third country and could no longer try to get into the UK or apply for a British passport. “The new legislation wold cause useless deaths and would lead to modern slavery”, the letter to the British Prime Minister says. The NGOs that took part in the initiative include “Anti-Slavery International”, “After Exploitation”, “Liberty”, all of them charities that fight slavery and the exploitation of migrants. The signatories of the letter include the migrant rights programme director of “Amnesty International”, Steve Valdez-Symonds, who stated that under the new legislation, which contravenes the UN Refugee Convention, “the authorities are showing contempt for migrants who will be forced to live in a state of endless exploitation from which they will never be able to escape”.

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