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Eurostat: e-commerce, purchases on the rise. 3 Internauts out of 4 buy online. Italy is fourth from last in Europe

Online shopping keeps growing in Europe. In the EU in 2022, 91% of people aged 16 to 74 used the Internet, with 75% of them buying or ordering goods or services online for themselves. This has been shown by the latest yearly survey on the use of ICT by families and private citizens. It was announced by Eurostat in a notice today. The proportion of e-shoppers rose from 55% in 2012 to 75% in 2022, which is 20 per cent more (pp). The highest numbers of users who bought or ordered online in 2022 were reported in the Netherlands (92%), in Denmark (90%) and in Ireland (89%). Instead, less than 50% shopped online in Bulgaria (49%). Italy is fourth from the last in Europe. From 2012 to 2022, the numbers rose most remarkably in Estonia (+47 pp), Hungary (+43 pp), the Czech Republic and Romania (+41 pp). Last year, most online purchases of ordinary goods were for clothes (including sportwear), shoes or accessories (ordered by 42% of Internet users).

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