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Cultural Routes: the European association of the Via Francigena Ways launches the International Best Practices award

For the European association of the Via Francigena Ways (EAVF), it’s time to launch the “International Via Francigena Award” to collect and promote local good practices for the development of this Cultural Route of the Council of Europe. The Via Francigena association promotes a heritage that is rooted into Europe’s cultural identities, starting with a 3200km historical route that runs through England, France, Switzerland and Italy: it is “a group of roads along which the history of Europe formed during the last centuries”, EAFV recalls. The association was born on 7th April 2001 to “interact with European institutions, regions, local communities to promote the values of routes and pilgrimages, starting with the sustainable development of local areas from the perspective of culture, identity and tourism”. EAVF, which networks 224 local bodies and 88 non-profit organisations in England, France, Switzerland and Italy as well as over 400 private players in hospitality, tourism and technical equipment, has now launched a call for nominations on good practices in different fields by 10 March 2023: slow tourism and sustainable development, accessibility, promotion of cultural and natural heritage, arts and shows, youth and culture. Three of such nominees will be selected, will receive the award and will be presented to the public at the EAVF General Assembly in Calais, Hauts-de-France (France) on Friday 26th May. The nomination form is available here.

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