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EU Parliament: six months before the European elections. Metsola (President), “Europe matters and citizens trust the European Union to find solutions” to their problems

Commenting on the results of the Eurobarometer survey released this morning, the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, said: “This Eurobarometer shows that Europe matters. In this difficult geopolitical and socio-economic context, citizens trust the European Union to find solutions. A vast majority of Europeans believe that EU actions have had a positive impact on their daily lives”.
70% of the citizens surveyed believe that EU actions do have an impact on their daily lives: more than a third believe that the main themes that the European Parliament should prioritize are the fight against poverty and social exclusion (36%) and public health (34%). Action against climate change as well as support to the economy and creation of new jobs (both 29%) follow closely while migration and asylum (18%), currently on ninth position, has increased by seven percentage points since autumn last year.
President Roberta Metsola added: “Throughout these past five years, we have listened. And the European Parliament has delivered. We are fighting against poverty, social exclusion and climate change, to create jobs and to defend EU values, such as democracy, human rights and the freedom of speech”.

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