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EU Parliament: six months before the European elections. 72% of citizens think their country benefits from the Union

There is growing interest from citizens in the June 2024 European elections, and the European Union looks more credible to citizens. These are two findings that emerged from a Parlemeter survey conducted six months before the European Parliament elections (6-9 June). The European Parliament’s Autumn 2023 Eurobarometer was carried out by Verian research agency between 25 September and 19 October 2023, interviewing over 26,000 voters in all 27 EU Member States. Among the most significant results is the fact that 72% of EU citizens think that their country “has benefited from EU membership and 70% believe that the actions of the EU have an impact on their daily life”. Moreover, more than half of EU citizens (57%) are already interested in the upcoming European elections. Among the main reasons cited by respondents to justify their trust in the EU are the EU’s contribution to maintaining peace and strengthening security (34%) and the improved co-operation between countries of the Union (34%). Likewise, the image of the EU has remained stable since March 2023, with 45% of EU citizens (thus less than half of the total) having a positive image of the bloc, 38% having a neutral image, and 16% having a negative image.

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