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EU: €4.3 billion under Erasmus+ to support mobility and cooperation in education, youth and sport

The European Commission has today launched the 2024 call for proposals under Erasmus+, the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. With a budget of €4.3 billion for next year, Erasmus+ “will continue to support transnational experiences of school pupils, students in higher education and vocational education and training”. The programme also provides opportunities to adult learners, educators and staff, and young people in non-formal learning programmes. “To alleviate the effect of inflation on participants learning abroad and allow a wide participation, the programme will raise mobility grant levels”, a statement explains. Following the same approach as for the 2023 call, the grant amounts for individual support for those learning abroad will be adjusted by 5.9% for most of the mobility actions in the 2024 call. On top of this increase, a first adjustment of 12.27% was made in 2023. Erasmus+ “will continue to stand with Ukraine, through projects that can”, for instance, “promote the integration of refugees into a new educational system”.

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