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EU: Brussels, Summit on 30 November to take stock of the European Education Area

The sixth European Education Summit will be held in Brussels on 30 November. European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, Iliana Ivanova, will attend the Summit and give a keynote speech. The event will bring together ministers, MEPs, representatives of the Committee of the Regions and the Economic and Social Committee, social partners, as well as students, educators and civil society representatives from across Europe. This year’s edition focuses on the progress of the European Education Area, which the European Commission and stakeholders wish to achieve by 2025.
Commissioner Ivanova stressed: “We are building the European Education Area to harness knowledge and make it the foundation of Europe’s resilience and prosperity. At this Education Summit, we will take stock of what we have achieved so far and what we still need to do to make it a reality”.
The 6th Education Summit “will also be an opportunity to present and discuss new ideas and initiatives. Many of the panels will focus on the future of the teaching profession, education for European citizenship, the green and digital transitions in education, investment in education and training, and on early childhood education and care”. The 2023 Education and Training Monitor and the 2022 Erasmus+ annual activity report will be released during the Summit.

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