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Germany: Hoffmann (Pax Christi), “end killings in Ukraine. Negotiations are needed to achieve this objective”

The German section of the International Catholic Peace Movement “Pax Christi” called for negotiations to end the massacres in the Ukrainian war: it is not about banning Russia, but about stopping the war, said Secretary General Christine Hoffmann, referring to the responsibility that the United Nations has in this context. She called for a “smart solution” to defend Ukraine, “namely the territory where Ukraine proclaimed its independence in 1991”. Within Pax Christi, there are different positions on arms deliveries to Ukraine, which may be ethically justifiable, “but it is also a matter of taking into account – and there is not much talk about it – that hundreds of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers die every day in this war”, Hoffmann pointed out, “not to mention the high number of civilians killed each day”. Yet German talk shows focus on which weapon system should be delivered soon. But the solution lies in “intelligent diplomacy”, and “Pax Christi aims to end the killings in Ukraine. Negotiations must be held to achieve this objective”, Hoffmann said, and the United Nations offers an opportunity to strengthen international law and uphold the international prohibition of war. To this end, the International Court of Justice must be strengthened in order to effectively enforce the ban on aggressive wars.

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