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Charles de Foucauld: his stay in Jerusalem mentioned in the archives of the Poor Clare Convent. The saint’s writings and drawings

(Foto: archivio monastero Clarisse Gerusalemme)

The Poor Clare Convent in Jerusalem (Monastère Ste Claire – holds lots of documents and records about St Charles de Foucauld, who stayed there from September 1898 to February 1899.
To coincide with the canonisation of the saint in Rome, which took place on Sunday
May 15th with a celebration officiated by Pope Francis, the Sisters published a few articles and a video, filmed by themselves, that tells about the time the saint spent in the holy city, set in the context of the human and spiritual journey of the “universal brother”. It is documentary material, partly posted on a website, including lots of pages written by de Foucauld himself and some original drawings by the saint, who took inspiration from the family of Little Brothers and Little Sisters.


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