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EU-United Kingdom: after Brexit, a trade war looming ahead. Suspension of the Northern Ireland protocol divides British politicians

Whisky and the train cars that Great Britain exports to the EU, as well as the pasta and coffee that get into the United Kingdom, are at risk. A trade war between Europe and the United Kingdom seems more likely to break out, while the war between Ukraine and Russia is still going on, after Suella Braverman, who is the British Attorney General and the British government’s legal advisor, gave the go-ahead to the Foreign Minister Liz Truss’ plan to suspend parts of the Northern Ireland protocol. It is an international agreement signed by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and by the EU as part of Brexit, UK’s exit from Europe, which keeps Northern Ireland within the European market and puts a border in the Irish Sea for trade. The Ulster Unionist party DUP, which is against the option of a united Ireland, does not like such agreement. DUP claims that such protocol makes it very difficult for British goods to enter Northern Ireland and, in the forming of the local government, it refuses to cooperate with “Sinn Fein”, the group representing Northern Irish people who want to rejoin the Republic of Ireland. According to the British press, next Tuesday might be the day the British government suspends the Protocol, and, in addition to former Prime Ministers such as Theresa May and John Major, conservative newspapers too, such as the “Times”, have taken sides against such option, which would damage the international reputation of the United Kingdom.

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