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Ukraine: Von der Leyen (EU Commission), “all those fleeing Putin’s bombs are welcome in Europe”. Temporary protection in the EU

Earlier today, the EU Commission formalised the idea to enforce the Temporary Protection Directive, in the attempt “to provide quick, effective assistance to people fleeing the Ukrainian war”. Under such law, those who flee the war will be granted temporary protection in the EU, which offers them a residence permit and access to education and the job market. At the same time, the EU Commission is also submitting operational guidance “intended to help the border guards of the member states effectively handle arrivals at the Ukrainian borders, while keeping a high level of security”, a release explains. In addition, such guidance recommends the member states that they establish special emergency corridors “to direct humanitarian aids and reminds them of the option to grant access to the EU on humanitarian grounds”. Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, stated: “Europe is on the side of those who need protection. All those fleeing Putin’s bombs are welcome in Europe. We will provide protection to those seeking shelter and we will help those looking for a safe way home”.

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