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Journalism: the Lorenzo Natali EU Media Prize. “Rewarding reports about rights, poverty, migration, employment, climate”

The Lorenzo Natali EU Media Prize, which “rewards journalists reporting on themes such as inequality, poverty, climate, education, migration, employment, the digital world, healthcare, peace, democracy and human rights”, is now in its 30th year. According to EU Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen, “the democratic decline we have experienced during the pandemic, the hybrid threats, disinformation and shrinking space for civil society are all worrying phenomena”; in a EU that firmly supports fundamental rights and those who defend them bravely, the Natali Prize means to be the “symbol of our support to those who give a voice to those who do not have one and who shed light on the truth”. Three are the categories one can compete in – Grand Prize, Europe Prize and Best Emerging Journalist Prize – by submitting an application before 31st March. The winners, who will receive 10 thousand euros, will be announced and will be given their awards during the European Development Days (14-15 June 2022). The best emerging journalist will have the opportunity to have an internship with a media partner. Lorenzo Natali (1922-1989) was a European Commissioner for Development and a staunch supporter of freedom of expression, democracy and human rights.

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