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EU Commission: Ebola, 5 million for clinical trials on vaccines and treatments in response to ongoing outbreak in Uganda

In response to the ongoing Ebola outbreak in Uganda, the European Commission, through its Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority, has secured €5 million from the EU4Health programme “to support clinical trials on vaccines and treatments against the Ebola Sudan strain against which there is currently no vaccine or treatment available”. Commissioner for Health Stella Kyriakides said: “The deadly outbreak in Uganda is very concerning, and the EU will support the emergency response to contain and control this outbreak. This includes investing in research and development to find vaccines and treatments for the Sudan ebolavirus. We will provide €5 million in funding for clinical trials for vaccines and treatments conducted by the WHO and the Ugandan government”. The Commission has already provided €3.2 million in emergency humanitarian aid to Uganda, in support of its efforts to fight the outbreak. Neighbouring countries have also received emergency assistance for preparedness activities.

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