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UK: taxation, government makes U-turn. Mgr. Arnold, “now is not the time to benefit the wealthy. We must help those who struggle”

“The new government seems confused. This sudden change in fiscal policy proves that. While the decision to drop the abolition of the top tax rate for incomes exceeding £150,000 (editor’s note: about €160,000) is welcome, this U-turn suggests that those in government are not even in contact with Parliament”. Bishop John Arnold, spokesman on the Environment and Welfare for the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, used harsh words to comment on the British Government’s decision to abolish part of its tax cut plan announced on 23 September in London, which would have triggered a financial crisis in the UK with the British pound that has already dropped to an all-time low. This tax cut would have benefited the wealthy, exacerbating the cost-of-living crisis even further. “We live in very difficult economic times where large sections of the population struggle to make ends meet. Statistics confirm that, as we speak, many UK citizens are falling into poverty”, said Bishop Arnold of the Catholic Diocese of Salford, which also includes the city of Manchester. “Now is not the time to benefit the wealthy. We call for a government driven by the common good, one that supports those who struggle. We must look after one another as we go through this unprecedented crisis”.

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