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EU Parliament: alternative fuel infrastructure. Charging stations for electric cars every 60 km

(Brussels) The agenda of next week’s plenary session of the European Parliament (Strasbourg, 17-20 October) is all about the war in Ukraine. Several are the debates that will take place on the subject. According to the agenda, on Wednesday the European Parliament will vote on a bargaining position on the EU rules for the alternative fuel infrastructure. The MEPs “are expected to ask – as preannounced by the press office of the institution – that the main streets of the EU be provided with charging stations for electric cars every 60 km by 2026 and with hydrogen refuelling stations at least every 100 km by 2028”. Such stations should be accessible to everyone, regardless of the car’s maker. Also on Wednesday, the European Parliament will adopt a bargaining position on the new rules for use of renewable and low-carbon fuels in maritime transportation. The MEPs “are expected to decide to encourage use of sustainable fuels by laying down requirements for ships coming to or leaving the EU ports, as well as imposing targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2% before 2025, by 20% before 2035 and by 80% before 2050” (the EU Commission proposed a 13% and 75% cut). Both debates will be held on Monday evening. The voting round will take place on Wednesday.

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