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Eurobarometer: “68% of Europeans believe the EU to be a place of stability in a troubled world”

(Photo Eurobarometer - "Future of Europe")

(Brussels) “Nine young Europeans out of 10 agree that addressing climate change can help improve people’s health and wellbeing (91% of young people aged 15 to 24), while 87% of all interviewees shares the same feeling”.

This is one of the findings of the survey conducted by Eurobarometer and jointly published today by the European Parliament and by the European Commission. The survey – conducted in the member states of the EU from September 16th to October 17th 2021, with interviews to 26,530 citizens of all ages – focuses on the future of Europe. Another finding is that 81% of the interviewees “state they have a happy life in the EU”, “while 68% of Europeans (or, better, of the sample of interviewees, editor’s note) believe the EU to be a place of stability in a troubled world; 67% agree that the European project gives a future prospect to young Europeans”. The survey conducted by Eurobarometer means to provide, above all, “an insight into European opinions and attitudes towards the Conference on the Future of Europe and the main challenges that our Union must face”.

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