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Future of Europe Conference: citizens’ Panels set to start in Strasbourg. Economy, social justice, young people on the agenda

The first meeting of one of the four Panels of the Conference on the Future of Europe will take place on Parliament’s premises in Strasbourg from 17 to 19 September. Items on the meeting’s agenda are a stronger economy, social justice, jobs/education, youth, culture, and sport/digital transformation. The starting point for discussion will be the citizens’ contributions on these topics collected on the Multilingual Digital Platform and other relevant presentations. The goal is to start preparing recommendations within each Panel’s remit. Also scheduled in Strasbourg between September and October are the meetings of the other three Citizens’ Panels: European democracy/values and rights, rule of law, security (24-26 September); climate change, environment/health (1-3 October); and EU in the world/migration (15-17 October). Each Panel will have to establish its working methods, according to a statement from Parliament, and select the 20 citizens per Panel who will participate in the Conference Plenary (the next plenary is scheduled for 17 and 18 December). The 800 citizens making up the Panels were chosen to reflect the “EU’s diversity” in terms of geographic origin, gender, age, socioeconomic background and level of education. There are about 70 young people aged 16 to 25 in each Panel. Another two meetings for each area are on the agenda: they will be held in remote format throughout November, and between December 2021 and January 2022 in four different European cities (Dublin, Florence, Natolin, Maastricht).

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