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Future of Europe Conference: citizens’ proposals on the digital platform. EU democracy, work, environment top the list. The young are the most active

During the initial period of the Conference on the Future of Europe, the topic of “European democracy” has received the highest volume of contributions on the digital platform (3,641), followed by “Climate change and the environment” (3,156). The topic of “Other ideas” ranked third in terms of contributions received, followed by “A stronger economy, social justice and jobs” (fourth place), the “EU in the world” (fifth place), and then, in descending order, “Values and rights, rule of law, security”; “Education, culture, youth and sport”; “Digital transformation”; “Migration”; and “Health”. The Platform is a place to share not only ideas, but also events: as of 2 August, the topic “Education, culture, youth and sport” had a total of 261 events – a number which was significantly higher than under any other topic. This is according to the Interim Report published on the eve of the start of the Citizens’ Panels. The country that made the highest number of contributions was Germany (3,960), followed by France (2,150) and Belgium (1,306). Italy ranked 4th in terms of generated activity (1,085). Around two-thirds of the people contributing to the platform have identified themselves as men (62.7%) and 15% as women. 22% of contributors did not provide information on their gender and 0.3% identified as “other”. The most active age group in terms of contributions is the 25-39 year olds (26.1%), followed by 55-69 year olds (16.8%). In terms of occupation, professional workers (17.4%), students (15.7%) and managers (12%) are the most active on the platform. Retired people are also fairly active (9.9%).

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