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Conference on the Future of Europe: media coverage increasing. And few fake news so far

The media coverage that the Conference on the Future of Europe has received since March 10th, when a statement was jointly signed by the EU Parliament, the EU Commission and the EU Council, until mid-June has been “significant”: approximately 1,500 articles published in all the member states, on average a 105 press reports a week. It is the “Conference Campaign’s Intelligence Cell”, composed of staff from the communications offices of the three institutions, that provides the figures of the trends of the communication campaign about the Conference, in its second Monitoring Report. The papers that created most articles about the Conference are in Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and Portugal (Italy is sixth of the list). The most widely covered moment was the opening event, held in Strasbourg on May 9th, which has been mentioned 500 times, followed by the signing of the statement and the launch of the multilingual platform (about 200 each). Teletrax, the system that monitors 220 TV channels, detected the images produced by the EU institutions about the Conference 1,452 times, broadcast by 105 channels. On audio-visual media too, the May 9th event is the one that attracted most of the attention. As to social media, in the last month alone, 36,600 posts mentioned the Conference and generated 132,700 interactions. The fact that no “disinformation narrative” about the Conference has been identified so far, except for few, occasional “deceitful rumours”, is definitely good news.

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