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European Parliament: the last day of the session. Foreign policy, funding of Euranet Plus, and debate on autism and inclusive workplaces

It is the last day of work for the session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The day will start with a discussion (followed by a round of votes on a resolution) ensuing from “End the Cage Age”, a European Citizens’ Initiative that asks for the gradual elimination of cages in animal farms; then, a debate on the European Commission’s decision to stop funding the pan-European radio network Euranet Plus, which has been broadcasting for over 15 years and relies on EU funds; according to the MEPs, such choice should be reconsidered. Other items on the agenda include foreign policy issues, such as breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of law: the exploitation of children by the Moroccan authorities in the migrant crisis in Ceuta, the arrests covered by the Prevention of Terrorism Act in Sri Lanka, the Russian list of German NGOs considered to be “undesirable organisations and the detention of activist Andrei Pivovarov”, Afghanistan. A number of resolutions will be voted on about all these items today, including a resolution on repressions in Belarus, which have been discussed over the last few days. The last item on the session’s agenda is a debate on “autism and inclusive workplaces”.

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