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Germany: Cologne, upcoming visit by Card. Arborelius and Mgr. van den Hende to the Archdiocese on the Pope’s mandate

The Diocese of Stockholm notifies the faithful that on 26 May “Pope Francis entrusted Card. Anders Arborelius and Bishop Hans van den Hende of Rotterdam with the task of visiting the Archdiocese of Cologne” in Germany. The purpose of the visit is to “speak with different people in order to assess the pastoral situation that now prevails in the Archdiocese and report back to Rome”. “The synodal journey undertaken by the German dioceses” is not called into question, a statement reads. Rather, the focus will be on “how the Diocese has addressed allegations of abuse by priests and other Church employees”. The statement from the Diocese of Stockholm also informs that the two visitors “will not tell the media about their apostolic visit and its findings. Any information about their apostolic visit will be reported to the Holy See”. Also visiting Cologne in the coming days, alongside the Swedish Cardinal, will be Mgr. Hans van den Hende, president of the Dutch Bishops’ Conference, who has great expertise in the Netherlands in the implementation of effective legislation and practices aimed at shedding light on past abuse and enhancing prevention in a Church context.

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