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EU Commission: Biliana Sirakova appointed European Youth Coordinator. “Integrating their expectations into EU policies”

Biliana Sirakova (photo SIR/European Commission)

The European Commission has appointed Biliana Sirakova as European Youth Coordinator in order to “strengthen cooperation between all services on issues related to young people and to integrate their expectations into different European policies”. The coordinator, a statement points out, will also be “a visible contact and reference point for organizations serving the interests of our European youth”. Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Youth, said: “I expect the new youth coordinator, Bilana Sirakova, to work within our institution to integrate the expectations of young people into all European policies. Her role will be to coordinate our different policies for youth, to encourage participation by young people in our initiatives such as the Conference on the Future of Europe, and finally to give visibility to the ideas and contributions of our European young people” .

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