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Sweden: ecumenical document on “meaning and consequences of Baptism in Christ”. Webinar on 3 June

“Baptism in Christ” is the theme of a document drawn up by the Dialogue Group between the Catholic Diocese of Stockholm and the Uniting Church, a denomination established in 2011 out of the union of Baptists, Methodists and the Mission Covenant Church. The 13-page text in Swedish suggests “a theological dialogue on the meaning and consequences of Baptism” and will be the subject of a public webinar on 3 June 2021. The webinar will be attended, among others, by Card. Anders Arborelius; Lasse Svensson, head of the Uniting Church; two theologians for each denomination; and a representative of the Church of Sweden. The debate around the theme of Baptism “unites Christians worldwide beyond the boundaries of individual communities”, the organisers explain, but at the same time “who can receive Baptism, what it really means and where it leads us is an issue that still divides the Churches”.

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