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Religious life: Fr. Sosa (USG), “embrace the reality of the wounded in history” and “be part of a journeying people”

“We must work for a fraternal world that opens us to the culture of encounter in our religious communities and unites us with the people. To be part of a people is to be part of a common identity, made up of social and cultural ties. No ID card can prove this belonging, it is a slow and difficult process. We must become brothers and sisters to have a common project”. Father Arturo Sosa Abascal, Superior General of the Society of Jesus and President of the Union of Superiors General (USG), said this in his opening remarks at the joint Assembly of the USG and UISG (International Union Superiors General) on the theme “Becoming sisters, becoming brothers. Consecrated life at the service of fraternity in a wounded world”. Father Sosa suggested two key points as a reference for the assembly: the first is “to accept the invitation of ‘Fratelli Tutti’ to embrace the reality of the wounded in history, having the courage to approach, touch and take care of them”; the second is actually “the challenge of being part of a journeying people, that is, synodality, which must be our way of living and sharing in ecclesial communion”. “As women and men religious, we are in the best position to be artisans of peace and justice. Peace – the superior general of the Jesuits remarked – should be within reach for all people, not just for a small group. We must overcome the causes of exclusion for everyone to participate in social and political life. The best policy for us is to put ourselves at the service of the common good, making it possible for peoples and nations to live a social friendship”.

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