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COVID-19 Coronavirus: 240 MPs write to 27 EU leaders. Vaccines for all: protect the rights to life and health

“Our societies have already paid an enormous human and economic toll to the pandemic, and it only grows by the day”, reads the appeal signed so far by 240 members of the European Parliament and national EU Parliaments. The document is addressed to the EU’s Heads of State and Government who will be meeting by video conference from Thursday to further discuss the aspects related to the health emergency and socio-economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In a nutshell, politicians are calling for a waiver on vaccine patents. “Large amounts of public money are behind innovation in technologies for COVID-19 health products. It is in everyone’s interest to work collaboratively to ensure that widespread vaccination is in place globally as quickly as possible and remove all obstacles”. MPs add: “EU leaders should urgently reconsider their position and support the TRIPS waiver proposal to protect peoples’ rights to life, health, and adequate standard of living”.

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