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UK: night-time vaccination for Muslims during Ramadan. Information campaign in 13 languages

The UK government will give over three million Muslims the chance to get the COVID-19 vaccine overnight during the month of Ramadan from mid-April. Since the start of the pandemic, the ethnic minorities of African and Asian origin, most of whom are Muslim, have been more affected by the virus than the rest of the population. Islam experts explained that the religion of the Prophet does not forbid people to take the vaccine in the daytime, as long as they fast and do not drink, but some in the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities are afraid to leave their homes. Nadhim Zahawi, minister in charge of the vaccination campaign, explained that some Muslims fear they will have to stop fasting due to the side effects caused by the vaccine. Others are worried that the jab may contain substances of animal origin prohibited by their religion. For the UK, the holy month of the Islamic calendar coincides with a critical time in the vaccine rollout with the drug expected to reach all over-50s. At present, twenty million British citizens have had their first dose. In addition to giving Muslims the chance to get vaccinated overnight, the British Government is also conducting a campaign in 13 language on local radio and television channels, with religious leaders and doctors trying to convince Muslims to get the jab.




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