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Luxembourg: new rules to curb infections. Specific rules on Masses and catechesis from the diocese 

Luxembourg reached 2021’s highest number of infections on December 14th. Today, the government will submit to the House new rules to curb infections. The super-Green Pass has already been operative for leisure. Whether to apply it to work too or not, is under discussion. In this respect, the steering committee for human rights (Ccdh) raised doubts about the convenience of such choice, arguing in an “opinion” that there is the risk “the gap between vaccinated and unvaccinated people may keep widening” and recommending the government to improve its communication strategy. It is “important to watch over the fact that the measures taken today, often in a state of emergency, may be justified even once out of the public health crisis, when we take stock and have to heal what has been divided and opposed”. The diocesan board has already laid out new, specific rules, based on the number of people attending church services: for up to 50 people, distancing and wearing a face mask are mandatory; for 51 to 200 people at Mass, in addition to distancing and wearing a face mask, seats must be pre-booked. If more than 200 people are expected to go to Church, then the Green Pass must be checked, and it must be a super Green Pass (only recovered or vaccinated people). Choirs may sing without a face mask on and without physical distancing during church services, on condition the number of singers (including the organist) does not exceed 10. If there are 11 people or more, then the super Green Pass rule will apply. Quite tricky distinctions, based on people’s age and number, will apply to catechesis too.

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