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Brexit: Cochrane (Univ. of Kent), “dramatic development”. UK-EU, risk of no-deal Brexit. London changes its stance on Northern Ireland

Feargal Cochrane (

(London) “A dramatic development”. This is how Feargal Cochrane, Emeritus Professor of Conflict Analysis at the University of Kent, called the new legislation on Northern Ireland’s border the UK government is to pass on Wednesday. “Nobody believes the government when it says it is a plan B that will be introduced only if the UK-EU negotiations, that are resuming this week, fail to reach an agreement”, the expert – and author of the upcoming book “Breaking Peace: Brexit and Northern Ireland” by Manchester University Press – told SIR news agency. “Everyone knows that it is an ultimatum to the EU and also to the Republic of Ireland. “If you do not agree with our interpretation of the Northern Ireland Protocol, which is part of the Withdrawal Agreement signed last year, we will pass new legislation overriding that Agreement”: “this is – according to the expert – what the UK government wants to tell Brussels”. “The Northern Ireland Protocol was a key part of the Withdrawal Agreement reached between the EU and the UK, the most critical issue and a major stumbling block even for Theresa May’s government”, Professor Cochrane explained. “Under the deal signed by Boris Johnson, there would be no checks at the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, but only on goods crossing the Irish Sea from Northern Ireland to the UK”. According to the expert, however, a radical break from the EU now seems increasingly likely considering the latest stance taken by Boris Johnson who wants a deal to be reached by mid-October.

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