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Brexit: negotiations struggling, without a deal Britain might be facing a recession. A new meeting between Frost and Barnier tomorrow

David Frost, a sinistra, e Michel Barnier, negoziatori sul Brexit rispettivamente per Regno Unito e Ue (foto SIR/European Commission)

(London) “This time, we won’t blink”. The full-page heading on the “Mail on Sunday”, from an interview with David Frost, the British politician who is handling the negotiations with the EU, shows that Boris Johnson’s government is not willing to compromise. There are just a few hours left until the arrival of Michel Barnier on British soil, as he will be landing in the UK tomorrow for the eighth round of negotiations on Brexit, regarded as crucial to prevent a final break between the United Kingdom and the EU. However, Frost insists that he will not come to terms on two of the key points of the negotiations: fishing rights in British waters, which must remain in the exclusive hands of English fishing boats, and state subsidies to private companies, which the EU must not interfere with. According to the “Financial Times”, under a new legislation, the “Internal Market Bill”, ready to be approved by Westminster, Boris Johnson would renege on his commitment to have no checkpoints at the border between Northern Ireland and the UK. According to the BBC, in the next few hours the British Prime Minister will state that a trade deal is needed by mid-October. Otherwise there will be taxes and customs checks, and for the United Kingdom this would be “a good result”. According to British commentators, it is not clear whether Johnson is raising his voice to get more concessions from the EU or if he really means to leave the EU without a deal, and the mystery will only be solved in a few weeks’ time.

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