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EU Commission: natural disasters, €279 million for Italy, Portugal, Spain and Austria

The Commission has today proposed €279 million in financial support for Italy, Portugal, Spain and Austria to “provide relief to the population of several regions in these four countries hit by natural disasters in 2019”. This funding comes on top of the €800 million for 2020 available under the EU Solidarity Fund. Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira, said: “We are passing through a period when European solidarity is more important than ever. The EU Solidarity Fund is one of its most concrete expressions. While we are focused on getting us as safely as possible through the coronavirus pandemic, we continue to show solidarity to those who have been hit by other disasters, such as natural disasters that occurred last year. Today’s package will provide the regions affected with much needed funding”. The aid package is divided as follows: €211.7 million for Italy, “which was affected by extreme weather events from north to south in late October and November 2019, causing severe damage from flooding and landslides and culminating in the flooding of Venice”; €56.7 million for Spain (several floods); €8.2 million for Portugal (Hurricane Lorenzo); and €2.3 million for Austria (extreme weather events). The Commission’s proposal will now go to the European Parliament and the Council for approval. Once the Commission’s proposal is approved, the financial aid can be paid out.

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