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COVID-19 Coronavirus: Balkans, infections on the rise throughout the region. Only Montenegro and Kosovo have no reported cases so far

The COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread even across the Balkans where no coronavirus cases were reported until a few days ago. Montenegro and Kosovo are the only countries with no confirmed coronavirus infections so far. The most affected country is Greece with 89 cases. Schools are closed in three Greek regions and a ban on gatherings is in place. Athens is also witnessing a conflict between the government and the Orthodox Church because the Archbishop of Athens has refused to suspend masses and the distribution of Holy Communion, which the faithful in Greece take from the same spoon in a semi-liquid form. There are 17 reported cases in Romania and 13 in Croatia: the national airline has today suspended flights to Rome. Even Slovenia, with 25 confirmed cases, has closed its borders with Italy. While Serbia has temporarily denied entry to people from Italy, China, South Korea, Iran and some areas of Switzerland. 4 cases have been confirmed in Belgrade and 6 in Albania, with most of the sick coming from Italy; in Tirana, too, schools and theatres will remain closed for two weeks. Also, 7 people have been infected by COVID-19 in North Macedonia, including the director of a dermatological clinic who, upon returning from Italy, did not comply with quarantine rules and went to work. In Bulgaria, there are 4 confirmed cases and 8 suspected cases awaiting confirmation of test results.

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